May 23, 2008

Finally several of my interests converge into a single outlet (sort of). You see, during the day I’m a software developer. At home, after being Dad, I love gardening. Technology and gardening don’t often intersect (aside from this spectacular exception) but I have been delighted and inspired by so many gardeners who have chosen to share their passion through their blogs. I’m not starting this blog on the assumption that I have anything useful/interesting to share but rather a place for me to record my trials, surprises, failures, and successes in gardening. There may occasionally be something useful here for the larger gardening community but that is not my purpose.

So why ‘geek’? Many would classify my choice of career as pretty geeky (writing physics/math/visualization software) but I’m talking about a broader definition of geek: I like the details. The big picture is great, and even helpful at times, but for me the details are where it’s really at. My wife can attest to this as I spend a (borderline unhealthy) amount of time reading plant encyclopedias and books on gardening. You might say I’m obsessed but it’s really not that bad…

Almost forgot. I love taking photos (I don’t think this is uncommon amongst garden bloggers). I will also use this blog to share pictures from my garden as well as the diverse flora that grow wild here in Southern Oregon (I’m a sucker for wild flowers). Keep in mind though, I like details, don’t expect to see any award-winning landscape designs on this blog. Besides, I’m a visual thinker and I believe that every blog post worth reading needs at least one picture. Here’s one of our native Trilliums growing happily in my shade garden.



5 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Garden Geekette Says:

    Love the site and the photos. Can’t wait to hear more about your garden adventures!

  2. Joshua Says:

    Thanks for the compliment and words of encouragement! I look forward to sharing.

  3. Barbee' Says:

    So you have a passion for garden books, among many other interests, welcome to the crowd! I found you on Blotanical and came over to read awhile.

    How fortunate you are to have native trillium.

    A blog is a great way to document what you do, your plans and ideas, your errors, and your successes. That way you can go back and review what you have done. Of course, the rest of us gardeners will be looking over your shoulder and reading what you write. đŸ˜‰

  4. Amazing! I love your blog and what you’ve written here.

    I used to do programming since the time I was a kid. I can imagine that programming visualization software for physics and math goes hand in hand with love for photography. As for plants, I guess your career choice will give you a unique approach to gardening, which I was delighted to witness in your deep reading for gardening encyclopedias and references.

    I’ve also witnessed this “programmer” approach in the 200 cups you’ve bought and planted seedlings in. Science, math and programming people tend to crunch large numbers, and the accuracy by which they operate and control the various variables enable them to achieve fine results even on a large scale. I’d be delighted to keep on reading your ‘experiments’.

  5. lalacss Says:

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    what type’s of the plant are available in you are garden.
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