Hymenocallis Timelapse

June 24, 2008

I’ve been meaning to experiment with the interval timer on my camera for quite a while. My first attempt was a failure because I forgot to put the cap on the viewfinder which allowed sunlight to enter and throw off the light meter. The other day I noticed that the second bud on our Peruvian Daffodil was about to open so I brought out the camera for a second try. This time I remembered the viewfinder cap and everything turned out much better. The shots were 30 seconds apart and I had it shoot 200 frames for a total of 100 minutes. The following video shows the whole thing about 720 times faster than it happened on our back porch.

3 Responses to “Hymenocallis Timelapse”

  1. MrBrownThumb Says:

    That’s pretty awesome. I should do something like that with some of my flowers.

    btw I’ve been to your blog a couple of times since you commented on mine and I never saw a comment link. Today I finally hit the link for this specific post and saw you had comments enabled. I guess your comment link doesn’t show on the main page until someone leaves a comment. Not sure if it matters to you but I thought I’d let you know.

  2. Joshua Says:


    Thanks for the heads up. It looks like the theme that I’ve chosen only shows the comments link for the post at the top of the page.

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