Passion Fruit!

October 6, 2008

Wow! Where did summer go? We finally had some rain the other day and it looks like summer is gone for good (the last rain we had before that was in early June). Along with the cooler weather I’ve been venturing out in the garden a little more. Back in mid-August I had everything in pretty good shape and sat back to enjoy the fruits of my labor (big mistake, as most gardeners know). After that, work and life took over and the garden took a back seat for a while. Come mid-September boy did I have my work cut out for me…

But now I mostly have everything under control and despite my lack of involvement most everything in the garden is thriving (some things are thriving a little more than I’d like).

One neat thing that I noticed a couple of weeks ago is that my passion flower vine has some fruit! Here’s proof:


This is something that I never expected to see but I was pleasantly surprised. There are three passion fruits on the vine right now and they are all within a foot of each other. My best guess is that a pollinator came visiting from a vine up the street (about a quarter mile away). It seems like it’s probably getting too cool now for them to ripen though (the fruits haven’t changed much since I first noticed them). Of course, the vine is still blooming as much as it has all summer.